When I travel, I like to discover new things, taste new foods, and learn about other cultures. Without fail, I always end up finding new dishes and go back home trying to a) find it in a restaurant b) dig around the Internet for a duplicate recipe or c) look for it in a grocery store, fresh or frozen.

In this case, when I went to South Korea I found a dish called pork bone soup (shown below):


Roughly translating the Korean pronunciation, this is also known as “gamjatang”. It’s essentially pork bones cooked in a spicy soup base with potatoes, napa cabbage, and scallions. It is normally accompanied with a hot, steaming bowl of sticky white rice. It’s great to have on a cold winter day because it’ll definitely warm you up and it is quite comforting. It tastes peppery and the chili amps up the heat, but the meat sweetens the soup so you get a nice mélange of flavours.

My only qualms about this dish is the oiliness, but also how it challenges your cutlery coordinating abilities. Try eating it with a fork or try eating it with chopsticks, either way you’re fighting to get that soft delicious meat off that bone but it’s worth it! Just be careful when you take your first bite – it will probably be HOT, both in heat and on the spice meter.


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