Winterlicious has arrived and this year I went to Bosk, a restaurant located in the Shangri-la Hotel in Toronto. The restaurant has interesting light fixtures, but the majority of the restaurant itself was quite plain and simple looking. Since Winterlicious events are composed of three course meals, I had the following:

Appetizer/starter: winter squash coconut soup


Entrée: citrus marinated duck confit


Dessert: bittersweet chocolate ganache cake

The soup was a bit spicy and had some crunchy pumpkin seeds in it. It was lightly creamy and the seeds gave it more texture than your typical soup. It’s not often that you find a soup with a crunch in it! Even crackers in soup don’t provide the same experience because they tend to go mushy. Overall, the soup was a good starter to have, seeing as it was a cold day.

While I have heard lots about duck confit and understand the process on how to make it, I can’t recall ever actually having it before. I’ve had duck in other forms (roasted, braised, etc.), but this experience was definitely new to me. The duck was covered in roasted onion leaves and celeriac. Beneath the layers of vegetables lay the lentils and duck, which was so soft to bite into that it was essentially melting in my mouth. From my experience, duck is normally a tougher meat to chew than chicken, but I guess when you cook the meat in its own fat, it renders a soft and buttery-like texture. It was absolutely divine!

For dessert, I was a bit disappointed. While the preserved cherry ice cream was tart and intriguing to the tongue, the actual ganache cake was mediocre. The texture was rich, but seemed powdery. It is for that reason I didn’t enjoy the final dish. However, the plating of the grand finale was beautiful.

Overall, Bosk is a nice restaurant with good service. I would recommend a Bosk experience, but just a note of caution – eating there can be quite expensive.

188 University Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 0A3
Tel: 647-788-8294


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