Soups Galore in Ecuador

If there’s one thing I learned about Ecuadorian cuisine, it’s that soup is served with every meal. They literally have hundreds of types and all very unique from the other. Even a typical KFC meal (yes, I embarrassingly admit that I ate KFC when I travelled there) came with a bowl of soup:

KFC Meal in Ecuador

One type of soup that stood out to me was the quinoa soup. It amazed me that it used those little grains as an ingredient. I guess it’s similar to a porridge, but I’ve personally never heard of using quinoa specifically in soup before until I went to Ecuador.

Quinoa soup

The intresting things you learn when you travel! I ended up buying a few cheat, make-your-own-at-home versions by Maggi. We’ll see how that goes.

Pre-packaged quinoa soup from Ecuador

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