Oysters <3

I love oysters. Despite that fear people have over the sliminess, the fishiness, and the rawness, this particular shellfish is a delicacy to me. I have tried oysters from both East coast and West coast in Canada, but I generally prefer West coast oysters. The best ones I’ve had so far are Kusshi oysters that originate from British Columbia, Canada. I had it at (to my surprise) a franchise called Bier Markt for $3 each.


When they are in season, they are fat, plump, and super-juicy-it-just-squirted-in-my eye good. I know the first time I tried one, it felt like I was in heaven as I savoured the sweet juices of this wonderful oyster. That’s how good it is! It was just breathtakingly……WOW!

If you love oysters as much as I do, I highly recommend trying to find these ones. For more information about how these oysters are cultivated, click here.

Bier Markt:
Various locations around Toronto and the G.T.A.


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