Chicago Mix


Chicago mix popcorn is quite popular these days. So popular that even Costco sells massive sized bags of it.


So what is Chicago mix? It’s a blend of sweet and savory popcorn plopped into one honking sized bag. Look at that deep bottomless pit of popcorn!


More specifically, there is caramel popcorn and cheddar cheese popcorn tossed together. This particular brand makes the orange popcorn super cheesy and the brown popcorn very caramely, so it’s a complete party of flavours in your mouth.


However, I personally enjoy eating them separately. Both are so bold individually that I think mixing them together is just an odd combination. So yes, sometimes when there’s a bag lying around I’m that weirdo that separates the two like I have OCD when I eat it. I could buy them separately, but where’s then fun in that? For those who enjoy the mix of sweet and savory, this bag’s for you! 🙂


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