A Bowl of Pho

On a cold winter day, nothing beats having a warm bowl of steaming hot noodle soup. One type is known as pho (pronounced “fau”), a Vietnamese rice noodle soup dish and it can come with a variety of topping options.

A medium (can you believe this is only medium?!) sized bowl of pho

Pictured above is tripe with rare beef, garnished with onions and parsley. However, sometimes you can order it with beef balls, beef tendon, and even grilled chicken/beef if you’re lucky. There’s always a side dish of bean sprouts, lime, and herbs to add into your soup. Usually restaurants are quite generous with portions and it’s always a budget friendly dish.

Similar to ramen, it’s all about the broth because that’s where all the flavour comes from. It’s usually made with onions, ginger, beef bones, and a bunch of spices. It takes hours of simmering to get that flavourful soup

There are two ways to eat pho:
1) squirting a bunch of hoisin and Sriracha sauce directly into the soup and stirring it together
2) putting the sauces into a side bowl and dipping your food into it.

I generally argue with my friends that the first way is incorrect (a Vietnamese waiter also agreed) because the sauces tend to mask the already perfect broth. It’s like blindly adding salt and pepper to a dish when it has already been seasoned properly. Oiy! How do you eat your pho?


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