Breakfast of Champions – A Turkish Feast

I’m sure most people have heard of Turkish Tea or Turkish Delight, but not many people know about the Turkish Breakfast. Yes, some people just eat cereal, some have a big plate of eggs, bacon and toast, and others eat absolutely nothing for their morning meal. However, I don’t think there is anything that can beat a Turkish Breakfast!

When I was in Turkey, I discovered that every hostel/hotel differed in what they offered for breakfast on our journey. However, they all had one thing in common – they all served a plethora of food. A typical Turkish breakfast has fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese, meats, olives, pastries, jams, etc. It’s so good!

Typical Turkish Breakfast

The breakfast buffet pictured above was at a hostel in Kas. It happened to be one of the best ones we had while we were in Turkey. The amount of food they offered was jaw-dropping! I wish we stayed there an extra night. Kas is such a beautiful city with such warm people. If you ever travel to Turkey, look forward to experiencing the breakfast feasts!

Meltem Pension
Meltem Caddesi No.3 Kas, 07580
90 242 836 18 55



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