Bugs Café

I came across this restaurant online called Bugs Café, located in Cambodia. I have never been there myself, but the restaurant website seems to show beautiful presentations of the food…even if the dishes contain bugs and insects. This reminded me of my trip to Asia.

In Beijing, China, I came across a night market with some food vendors selling various creepy crawlies like tarantulas, scorpions, and  cockroaches. One stall even had some poor scorpions placed on a skewer cruelly with their arms still flailing about!

As tempting as they were (yikes!), I personally couldn’t do it. I stuck to the “safer”, more easily accepted, palatable stuff and had a simple skewer of squid. The thought of having an insect’s guts burst in my mouth is terrifying!

Some other interesting options in Beijing…

I think for the majority of people in western countries, the thought or sight of eating bugs is horrifying. I hear they are  good for you and are full of protein, but I’m not sure how I feel about eating them. For all we know, it may actually be healthier than eating all the GMO-pesticide ridden meats and vegetables that we have today. Would you try eating creepy crawlies?



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  1. choosejoy says:

    Sheep penis?! 😣

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  2. Kat R. Rini says:

    If it moves, they probably have it…lol

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