Fruits Galore

Ecuador has so many exotic fruits that it’s a wonder why they don’t import them to Canada. They were all so fresh, sweet and delicious and something I’m going to miss!

Since it is illegal to import fresh fruit from another country, I had to be a bit crafty and brought home (although artificial and totally legal) powdered juice packets instead!


There are hundreds of fruits that I have never heard of or seen prior to travelling to Ecuador. While a few of these fruits can be found in Canada, here are the few juice packets I brought back with  me:

  • Guanabana – Soursop
  • Maracuya – Passion fruit
  • Naranjilla – I can’t seem to find a translation, but it’s scientifically called “solanum quitoense”.

The fruit above is what naranjilla looks like, which looks similar to passion fruit. Since “naranja” is the Spanish word for “orange”, I assume it was named as naranjilla because of the colour. The outer shell is hard, but quite easy to pierce through. Inside, naranjilla contains these little seeds which you can eat and the texture is similar to eating a pomegranate. I don’t recall it being super sweet, but it was a bit sour and was definitely interesting to try. It’s probably a lot easier to eat than a pomegranate too! What type of interesting fruits have you tried abroad?



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