Brunch? Yes, Please – Union Social Eatery

Previously I said I love breakfast food, but brunch is also good (if not better). Sometimes it’s nice to sleep in on a Saturday morning, so for those days that I technically skip breakfast, I willingly embrace a hearty brunch instead.

Recently, I went to Union Social Eatery with some friends for brunch. I ordered their eggs benedict with smoked salmon. It came with fresh grapefruit, a shot of strawberry yogurt and a butternut squash soup.


Clearly, it’s a strange combination and this was a super rich brunch, but I couldn’t help myself. I love smoked salmon and butternut squash soup. To top it off, I ordered a refreshing mimosa too (not pictured).

So what exactly is an eggs benedict? It’s essentially egg covered in a rich hollandaise sauce (it’s made of eggs, butter and something acidic) and sandwiched between two English muffins. It’s definitely a must try for any egg lovers out there.

Overall, my meal was constructed with many different elements. I’m sure it would have been more than enough without the butternut squash soup, but what can I say except I was guilty of gluttony? I loved the butternut squash soup, but I did find that the hollandaise sauce overpowered the smoked salmon (or perhaps the smoked salmon was too mild?). Despite this, I would definitely recommend giving the place a try. They have so many good food options.

Union Social Eatery
6986 Financial Dr #6
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 8J4


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