The Art of Pierogi Making (Recipe)

I recently tried to make pierogies for the first time and was fortunate enough to be taught by a lovely woman who is born and raised in Poland.

She taught me the basic, traditional way of making the filling which consists of mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, caramelized onions, salt and pepper. Since I wanted to do a spin on the recipe, I added some shredded old age cheddar cheese. A second batch was made using the same ingredients with the addition of some spicy sausage cut into smaller pieces.


Then came the tough part – the dough. It’s just made of water and flour, but apparently how you mix it makes a difference. You know that “well” method you see on TV? There’s a reason for this. Depending on how you do it, it determines the thickness and texture of your dough. So while you are adding the warm water (little by little) into the flour, you have to mix quickly and vigorously so that the dough doesn’t harden and become thick.


After, you build the pierogies by rolling out the dough, cutting out circles, filling them with the potato mixture and then finger-pinching them shut at the edges. The process for me was very much like an assembly line.

And when you’re done constructing these lovely little pierogies, you boil them until they float. When they do, strain them and then drizzle then with a bit of melted butter in between each layer so that they don’t stick together.


Next, plate with sour cream and enjoy!


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