No Truffles. Timbits!


Tim Hortons has changed a lot over the years. And while I don’t agree with all of the changes, I do welcome the evolution of their sweets section.


They still sell classics like the crueller, chocolate and boston cream donuts, but they have introduced new ones like Oreo and the chocolate caramel donut too. I don’t think the quality of their donuts are as good as they used to be (they say the change is due to the fact they half bake treats in the factory before shipping it to the store), but I still enjoy having one every now and then.

What I really like is the birthday cake timbits (aka “donut holes”). Momofuku may sell b’day truffles, but Tim Hortons sells their version of birthday timbits for a fraction of the price. And they use nonpareil sprinkles (round ones) versus the jimmies sprinkles (cylinder ones).


I find the timbits fluffier and less dense than the b’day truffles and the crunch of the nonpareil sprinkles is more enjoyable. Granted, one is made of cake batter and the other is a donut so I really shouldn’t compare! However, I don’t have anything against the b’day truffles, but timbits are also easier to find around the city! And, they currently have roll up the rim!


And surprise! Winner! Gagnant! I got a donut for the win!

Tim Hortons
Almost every corner you turn in Canada 🙂


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