Mac n’ Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a comfort food. It’s normally rich, full of cheese and savoury. It’s really hard to find a good mac n’ cheese because I find it tends to be bland at most restaurants. At home, I’m sure many of us Canadians have grown up eating Kraft Dinner, aka “KD”.


Even though it’s just macaroni and cheese powder in the box, you add a bit of milk and butter too. And depending on your mood, you can enhance the flavour by adding other items. I find onions, black pepper and/or ketchup a good start, but like a fried rice you can mix almost anything in it. Adding some real shredded cheddar cheese works too.


While KD doesn’t taste like anything even remotely close to a fresh and authentic baked mac n’ cheese, there is a je ne sais quoi about it that has people running back to it. Part of it is probably convenience, but perhaps childhood nostalgia as well? Do you put anything in your KD?


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