Wining and Dining with Junk Food

Cavier? Foie gras? Lobster? Not everybody has the need to be fancy all the time. Traditionally, people are known to pair wine with expensive items like steak, seafood, etc., but what about the more common snacks like chips, nuts, and popcorn?

When I went on a wine tour In Niagara Falls, Canada, we had no idea what type of snacks they were going to pair with our tastings. Our guide ended up giving us simple, common junk food that can be found in most grocery stores, like Doritos and crackers, but why not?

According to Marie Claire, these easy combos work:

  • Plain potato chips with chardonnay
  • Cheetos with sauvignon blanc
  • French fries with champagne
  • Pizza with malbec
  • Chocolate with port wine

I have yet to try these combos. I personally like having wine with cheese and crackers, but give these combos a whirl and let me know how it goes. I’m sure they’ll taste delicious!


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