Wakame Please

It sounds funny, but don’t wakame or I will wakayou. As cheesy (mmm…cheese) as that sounds, in all seriousness, wakame salad is delicious. It’s a simple salad consisting of vibrant green seaweed that has been seasoned with sesame seeds and sesame oil. It often accompanies Japanese dishes and has a soft, yet crunchy texture.

Wakame is nutritious and delicious

While many seem to be grossed out by the fact it’s seaweed, it contains many nutritional benefits like magnesium, calcium, iron, folate, and a number of vitamins. The only downfall is it can be pretty high in sodium, but everything in moderation right? It can also be easily purchased at a grocery store now, even non-Asian ones.

To read more about these health benefits, see 7 Awesome Health Benefits Of Wakame.



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