Chicken Bone Nougat Chocolate

Say what? Contrary to the fact the word “bone” is attached to the name, this confectionery treat does not contain any chicken bones whatsoever. In fact, it’s “a hard cinnamon candy with a surprise bittersweet chocolate center” that was invented by a Canadian Ganong candy maker, Frank Sparhawk, in 1885.


How do I know this? Because I got a random box of Ganong chocolate from a friend and decided to look into the mystery behind the name of these treats.  🙂


I’m usually gung ho about mixing chocolate with almost anything – chicken, chilies (ever hear of chocolate chicken?) and even insects (though I have yet to try this), but mixing cinnamon candies with chocolate seemed like an odd flavour combination for my taste buds. However, if you love cinnamon hearts, I’d highly recommend this treat for you.

Have you ever tried Chicken Bone Nougat chocolate before? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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