Pizza Time – Korean Style Pizza

Pizza. It’s cheap, easy to get and delicious. You can eat it hot out of the oven or you can eat it cold the day after. If love is a universal thing, I think pizza is the food equivalent.

Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza

There are a million topping variations around the world, but the best pizza I ever had was during my travels to South Korea.

To my shock, they had a Domino’s there with a variety of toppings specific to their culinary world (like bulgogi). I have no idea what was on our pizza because we just got what the locals recommended, seeing as neither of us spoke Korean. However, it was so good! I recall the sauce being sweet and the pizza being savoury. And the fun part is it came with some free sides and the box was neatly wrapped in a red bow. It’s quite the norm in Korea to provide free samples and freebies with purchases. Even the gas stations would hand out free tissue packets with the purchase of gas. It’s something I think companies in North America should start doing!


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  1. 😍😍😍😍 pizza


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