Fishy? Seaweed? Raw?!

For a minute, forget the fact it may taste fishy, ignore the fact that it has seaweed wrapped around it, and then turn a blind eye to the fact it’s raw! Sushi is something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. And I’m not just talking about the simple California rolls (though these may be a good start). I’m talking about the really good stuff – the sushi with raw fish on it (or in it).

From top to bottom: unagi (eel), spicy salmon, mackerel, tuna, salmon

There has to be a reason why everyone is jumping on board the sushi train. It’s because it’s delicious and is a lovely change from your typical burger, steak and fried chicken. Sushi can also be a healthier option, just so long as you don’t overindulge in too many rolls with rice. Once you get over those common fears (or set them aside for the time being), you’ll enjoy and have an appreciation for sushi. It’s soft, it’s delicate and it just melts in your mouth.



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