A Day in Selçuk

DSC00256 - Ephesus

We spent a sunny morning exploring Ephesus and St. Mary’s House in Selçuk, Turkey. By the time we were done, it was noon and it was scorching hot and humid. Since it was also lunch time, we took a taxi back to town and asked the taxi driver for a recommendation. Personally, I think it’s always great to know where the locals go because tourist food is never good or authentic. The driver ended up dropping us off at this quaint little outdoor restaurant.

When we looked at the menu, we decided to get several items to share:

DSC00371 - Shish Kebabs

The first dish was shish kebabs:

DSC00375 - Shish Kebabs
Shish Kebobs

Shish kebabs are marinated skewers of meat that are cooked on top of a BBQ or flame. It came with some bread so you could either make a sandwich with it or eat it as a side.

The second dish was sis köfte, which is another type of kebab except they were like round mini patties. You can’t go to Turkey without trying some of these! It also came with some bread:

DSC00372 - Kofte

As you can see, the two are quite different. While both are made of meat, the former is whole pieces of meat cut into smaller pieces and the latter is made with minced meat.

The last dish was a salad:

DSC00373 - Salad
Tomato Salad

If there’s one thing to note about Turkish food, it’s their LOVE for fresh tomatoes. By the end of my trip, I couldn’t eat anymore! They were fresh and delicious, but I overdosed in tomatoes! Despite this, it was a good meal, especially after all the trekking we did on Ephesus.



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