Food Fads May Lead to Fraudulence

When a new fad comes along, you will often see a flock of people trying to imitate or duplicate its success. I’m sure we’ve seen this with many food trends, like those bubble tea cafés, poutine joints and smoothie stands that all sprouted out of nowhere. When the extreme burger scene blew up, a bunch of new burger restaurants popped up accordingly. And by extreme, I mean the burger joints that offer an endless list of crazy toppings in a number of different and creative combinations and comes in a size so big that you would need the jaws of life to help you open your mouth to match its size (try saying that all in one breath)!

I went to one place in particular that had some decent reviews on the Internet. Inside, the restaurant seemed like a typical burger joint but then I spotted a plaque on the wall with their vision statement:

Burger Plaque

Sounds good, right? However, what I want to highlight is the statement about the buns: “freshly baked classic sesame buns, so soft, so fresh”. To my shock, as I was waiting for my order, I saw this on the counter:


A bag of fresh (?) buns, huh? I thought it was perhaps a mistake and maybe they ran out of fresh buns and used these as a back up, but the worker didn’t mention anything of the sort. The worker just casually grabbed a bun out of the Dempster’s bag, placed a patty on it and started adding condiments. Needless to say, but I was disappointed.

After that, I couldn’t help but speculate their other claims as being fraudulent. In fact, maybe even paranoid – like how the meat tasted similar to Costco patties (which are frozen), how the cheese was probably processed and how the fries were too much like those frozen ones you  buy at the grocery store.


In the end, the burger wasn’t horrible but the experience was a letdown. The fact I was a witness to this deception just turned me off from the whole experience.

In the end, who cares if it’s a decent burger right? Like a fashion knockoff, it’s just not right. There are plenty of fantastic restaurants out there with lots of talented and innovative chefs that take pride in their food and choice of ingredients. I think it’s only these types of restaurants that will be able to genuinely build a good reputation and stick around in the long run. I’m sure we all face false advertising on a daily basis, but not so blatantly in your face like this experience. Yikes!


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