Hue Style

Hue style noodles is a spicy Vietnamese noodle dish packed full of flavour. Normally, it is heavily flavoured with lemongrass, which is a green and white stock with a subtly sweet lemon taste to it. It somewhat resembles a green scallion, but lemongrass is much tougher and threadier.

For this particular bowl of hue style noodles, it has vermicelli noodles, beef tendon, chunks of beef, onion and tons of lemongrass.

Hue Style Noodles

Normally, I like strong flavours but this particular restaurant made it so peppery that it was painful to eat. Every time I inhaled, it would trigger a coughing fit. It was only when I added some lime juice to cut down the spice that it was more tolerable. However, don’t let that deter you from trying this dish. I have had it at other restaurants that didn’t create this coughing fit symptom. It’s normally quite good!


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