Snack Time – Matcha Green Tea Sticks

It’s always great to find new and interesting things in your local grocery store. Whether it be the discovery of a new exotic fruit or novelty snack, it makes grocery shopping a little more exciting. The last time I went, I found a new flavour of Pocky sticks. Pocky sticks are biscuit sticks that have been dipped in a cream flavoured coating. The most common flavours are chocolate and strawberry, but this time I got green tea.

Box of green tea Pocky sticks

It tastes very much like matcha green tea, which is a concentrated powdered version of green tea. Matcha green tea is made of tea leaves that have been ground down finely into a delicate powder. It contains lots of anti-oxidants and has been used traditionally in Japanese tea ceremonies.

Green tea Pocky sticks

I have tried real matcha green tea before and it is quite strong. Sadly though, this snack is not made of real green tea but artificial flavours.

Green tea Pocky

So what are my overall thoughts about green tea Pocky sticks? They’re a bit odd tasting. However, there are many other green tea flavoured products out there that are awesome, like green tea ice cream and green tea swiss rolls. I highly encourage trying these or any other new items in your grocery store. If you have recently tried something new, feel free to share your experience and leave a comment. 🙂


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