Sriracha – A Documentary

Other than recognizing the familiar red and green bottle with a rooster on the front, I don’t think much more is really known about the famous Sriracha sauce. Some people call it “cock sauce”, others call it “rooster sauce”, and many mispronounce the actual name of the product. To calm the anxiety, it’s actually pronounced [si-rah-cha] (*sign of relief*).

A Wall of Sriracha

And to my surprise, I found a documentary about the infamous picante sauce.


For those who are unfamiliar with this product, it’s a Vietnamese style hot sauce with an interesting kick to it. It’s very versatile and tends to go with almost everything – pizza, fried chicken, noodles…you name it! It can be found in almost every Asian restaurant and many kitchen homes.

While the music is embarrassingly cheesy and even cringy at times, the documentary itself speaks lots about the sad and humbling journey of the inventor/creator of Sriracha. From individually spooning the product into jars to sacrificing the joys of holding his own child, you see his resilience, strength and determination to succeed.

There are a bunch of fun facts in the documentary, like the meaning behind the name of the company, how the product came to be and the reason for that rooster. One of the most interesting things I learned was that this product was never advertised and somehow manages to gain more and more popularity every year. In fact, it’s so popular that there are even a bunch of spin-off products using Sriracha. As proof, here are just a few random ones I found at a grocery store.

If you have a love for Sriracha sauce, I highly recommend watching this short documentary. After seeing it myself, I definitely appreciate Sriracha sauce more than I used to.



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