National Grilled Cheese Month

Although I detest sandwiches with deli meat on them and can moderately tolerate sandwiches with eggs or fish in them, I love to eat grilled cheese sandwiches. Maybe it’s because they’re warm or maybe it’s because I love cheese! I haven’t had one in ages and just happened to be craving one recently. Thankfully, I had the ingredients in the fridge.


While it’s not exactly grilled, I got what I wanted from it which was the gooey melted cheesy goodness on well-toasted bread. The best part is when you see the strings of cheese as you pull the slices apart. Mmmmm…

Coincidentally enough, while I was eating and reading the news simultaneously, I learned that April is National Grilled Cheese month! They stated that there is a scientifically proven perfect method for making grilled cheese whereby you use 50 grams of cheddar on 10 mm thick white bread, place the bread on a lined pan in the oven (making sure it is 18 cm under the heating element), broil for four minutes at 240F/115C and then mangia! However, I’m happy doing it the way I do it which is just over the stove.

Happy eating!


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