Hola Paella!

I always assumed most people knew what paella is, but when I ordered it recently my friends seemed confused when they asked me what I got. I said “paella”. They said “what?” I repeated “paella”. They said “Huh?” with a bunch of blue question marks popping up around them like a cartoon. I said “Paella?”…. At first I thought I was mispronouncing it, but then I realized it’s just because they genuinely didn’t know what it was.

Seafood Paella

So, what is paella? It’s a dish that originated in Spain. It is made of saffron flavoured rice and can have an assortment of seafood, veggies, chicken, sausages, etc. on top. It is cooked in a shallow pan and the dish comes out creamy.

Paella in Spain

Doesn’t it look tasty? It can be quite filling, but it’s definitely a lovely meal to have with friends. It’s also great to have a nice sangria with it too!


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  1. 1world2feet says:

    The food looks delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rini says:

      Thanks! It also tastes delicious! 🙂


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