Cooking Pierogies

Lunch time! Today is homemade pierogies. I prepared them the traditional way by boiling them, but there are other ways to cook pierogies.

Pierogies with sour cream and scallions

Other than boiling, you can pan-fry them. By adding a bit of oil and butter, cook the pierogies with some regular onions. Once the onions are caramelized and the pierogies are brown and crispy, put them on a plate and add some sour cream to finish. It’s simple, but delicious. You can even add bacon into the pan if you like. Just make sure that they are precooked before putting them into the pan. Just don’t try this method with fresh, uncooked dough pierogies or it will stick. Boil the pierogies first or use frozen pierogies. Enjoy!


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