Good Ol’ Deep Fried Chicken

Deep fried food is so bad for you, but it tastes so good. When cooked properly, it shouldn’t look oily or make the food taste excessively greasy. If it does, that means the oil was overused or the temperature of the oil wasn’t hot enough and that just brings bad news bears.

When it isn’t cooked well, your hands are completely greasy by the end of it and you could probably see through the napkin you wipe with. Personally, I feel sick after eating deep fried foods that coat my inner esophagus with grease. Thankfully, not all restaurants do this.

Fried chicken and a biscuit

What makes a good deep fried chicken? It should be moist, the skin should be perfectly crispy and it should be seasoned well. And of course, any good fried chicken joint should provide a biscuit and no meal is ever complete without a side of creamy macaroni salad (or coleslaw) too.

Creamy Macaroni Salad

So what’s my favourite deep fried chicken joint? Popeyes! Bon appétit!


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