San Remo’s Delicious Donuts Plus a Deli?

Ahhhh the fresh smell of bakeries is always tempting enough to entice me to walk in and buy something at San Remo. Seeing the fluffiness of fresh bread, the meticulously decorated treats and sugary goodness of the confectionary goods is enough to make anyone salivate. Since it’s the weekend and I was in the area, I decided to pop into San Remo Bakery for a snack.


My jaw always drops at all the lovely displays of pastries, cakes and breads that they have. Even more so, the wall of donuts which is specifically what I went there to pick up.


Unfortunately, they didn’t have anymore Nutella ones but I got a bunch of other ones: black forest, banana, maple, key lime and wild berry. I can’t emphasize enough how fresh and yummy these donuts are. They just melt in your mouth. They say you have to be there early morning to get what you want because they sell out daily. Too bad for me because I really wanted that Nutella donut!

On a side note, it’s been a while since I’ve been there but they expanded and now have a deli section.


On top of all the fresh bread, you can now go to their endless aisle of meats and cheeses.

Deli meat and cheese

I can’t wait to see what new things I find there!


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