Cool Down With a Cold BBT

When it’s super hot, ice cream, popsicles and freezies will do. However, sometimes I want to avoid the potential dangers of getting sticky, gooey fingers when they melt on me. That’s when I get bubble tea (aka BBT, pearl milk tea, bobba tea or bobba) instead!

Black Milk Bubble Tea With Tapioca

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink that became popular around the early 2000s in Toronto. It’s a cold, flavoured drink with tapioca (chewy balls that float around at the bottom). It can come in familiar flavours like honeydew, lychee or mango or you can get to choose the odd and intriguing mixes like Oreo, champagne or black sesame. You can also have it mixed with green tea or milk tea. My two top favourites right now are taro (which is one of the more popular ones) or just regular tea (shown above). Bottoms up!


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