Angry Chicken

Just because it’s red and charred, it looks angry. But truth be told, tandoori chicken is actually a happy dish. It’s just the spices that give it that vibrant, angry red colour. Specifically, it can be the result of cayenne powder, chili powder or sometimes food colouring.

Tandoori Chicken and Naan

Tandoor translates as oven and is an Indian technique for cooking. However, tandoori chicken can be barbecued as well. Beside the chicken is naan, or a type of Indian bread. It’s also cooked in a tandoor where the chef flattens a ball of dough and slaps it onto the side wall of a tandoor which is (from my experience) normally a cylindrical-shaped oven. It’s pretty cool to watch and when made properly, it’s fluffy, soft and delicious. There are prepackaged versions of naan in the grocery store, but those aren’t the same. They taste funny and lack the warmth and love put into making fresh naan.


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  1. My LO is always a happy face after having this angry looking dish :p :))

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