It’s a Basbousa/Nammoura

I was inspired by fellow blogger Ekhlas about trying a Middle Eastern dessert called basbousa. Being in the lovely and diverse city of Toronto, I was able to easily track down a Middle Eastern store to purchase one of these sweets. However, they called them nammoura.


Apparently basbousa and nammoura are the same thing, but basbousa is the Arabic term and nammoura is the Lebanese word for this little semolina syrup-infused cake. But what’s in a name? Whether it be basbousa or nammoura, either one equates to this yummy cake garnished with almonds on top.


As a first time sampler, I found the sticky cake to have a lightly crispy top crust and a softer, chewier body. I could definitely taste the honey and shredded coconut which is what gives it that chewy texture. I could also taste the aromatic flavours of the rose water which helps to brighten up the otherwise dense cake.


Based on recipes I’ve found (including Ekhlas), this cake seems quite easy to make. I think the most difficult part would be waiting for it to finish baking before you can savour the fragrantly sweet flavours.


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  1. Payal Bali Sharma says:

    Amazing work

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    1. Rini says:

      Aww thanks! 🙂

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