Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts – A Cooking Class Experience

An egg tart

When I was in Hong Kong, my lovely friend registered us for a food presentation on how to make egg tarts. These tarts can have either a simple pie-like crust…


…or a flaky, puff pastry-like crust (my preference)…


…with a beautifully soft, golden egg custard center.


The teacher explained how to make the crust (though you can use store-bought tart shells as well), which usually consists of flour, eggs, a bit of salt, some sugar and lots (!) of butter.


When the ingredients were mixed, he covered it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge and pulled out a different batch of dough that was ready to be made into tart shells. He did this by rolling out the dough, cutting out circles with a cup, and then placing them into metal tart shells which were already greased (the alternative would be to use aluminum tart shells, but this way is more environmentally friendly). A fork was used to poke some air holes into each tart.


The teacher then made the egg filling, which consisted of eggs, vanilla, sugar, evaporated milk and water. To ensure the smoothest possible custard, he used a strainer and poured the liquid filling into another container to get rid of the air bubbles. After, he filled the tart shells with this eggy goodness and placed the tarts into the pre-heated oven.


Once they were done, the teacher pulled them out and we all got one to take home or sample there while it was still hot and fresh (the best type!).


All I can say is the aroma of the egg tarts was deliciously intoxicating. However, if making egg tarts isn’t your cup of tea (though it pairs well with a nice cup of tea), they can be bought at many Asian bakeries and grocery stores. 🙂



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  1. I just adore these when I’m in Hong Kong and Portugal , delicious!

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    1. Rini says:

      Indeed! 🙂

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