Word of the Day: Zesting

I’m sure we have all come across recipes that seem pretty straight forward, only to realize midway that there are some thing that we don’t fully understand. Sometimes all it takes is a quick search on the Internet, looking it up in a good reference book or referring to online videos.

Today’s Word of the Day, zesting, is a technique whereby you take citrus fruit such as a lemon or orange, and grate the outer layer of the skin to get little pieces or “rinds”. It can be used in baking, drinks or even as decorative garnishing.

You will need to wash the fruit thoroughly before grating the rinds and only use the outermost layer of the fruit. If yougo too deep (e.g. the white section of a lemon), it will make your dish bitter and nobody wants that.

Taking the zest from a lemon

The purpose of zesting is to add the aromatic oils of the fruit into your dishes. Sometimes it is added in addition to the juice of the fruit.

This technique will be used in an upside-down pineapple cake recipe, which I will be blogging about tomorrow. Come back tomorrow to check it out. 🙂


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