Baci di Dama (Lady’s Kisses Cookies)

Walking into a chocolatière is like walking into heaven. Chocolate truffles, chocolate cookies and other wonderful chocolate confections around every corner. Recently, I got a bag of baci di dama from a local chocolate shop. These are also known as Lady’s Kisses. It’s a curious name, but it has chocolate in it so it’s automatically a winner.

Baci di Dama

Lady’s Kisses are like little macaron-shaped treats. They are made of chocolate filling squished between two buttery hazelnut cookies. Even though they are small, they have very strong flavours. In a good baci di dama, you should be able to distinctively taste a perfect blend of chocolate and ground up hazelnuts. It’s simple, yet very decadent. In fact, the treat is slightly nostalgic of Nutella.

So where did these little treats originate? With a name like baci di dama, Italy of course! There are two theories why these cookies are named Lady’s Kisses: the first theory believes the cookies resemble the shape of a lady’s lips. The second theory believes they look like a pair of lips kissing. Either/or, Hershey’s kisses – eat your heart out!


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