Tempt 9 – Cider

A few years ago, a friend of mine gave out goodie bags to guests at her birthday party. We’re no longer 8, but she did it because she’s cute like that. Besides, life is short so why not have fun while living right? One of the things she included in the bag was a can of Tempt 9 – a strawberry and lime flavoured cider from Denmark.

Tempt 9 Cider

But what exactly is a cider? Normally, it is made by pressing juice from a fruit. Apple cider is probably the most common type and can be found at many farmers markets in autumn. There are two kinds of cider: the first type is alcohol-free and is known as a “sweet” cider. The other type is fermented and alcoholic. This is considered a “hard” cider and the alcohol range varies. Tempt 9 fits into the latter category and tastes like a lightly carbonated fruit juice. It is low in alcohol (only 4.5%) and isn’t overtly sweet. It also comes out as a pretty pale pinkish-rose colour too. It would be a nice addition to a beautiful afternoon in the backyard hanging out with the girls. Have you ever tried Tempt 9?




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