The Banh Mi Sub

For as long as I can remember, I always enjoyed eating banh mi subs. The one I ate growing up always had the standard Vietnamese style deli meat with pork liver pâté, veggies, cilantro and butter (sometimes a small red chili too). They were cheap to buy and an easy-go-to lunch to bring to school/work. Today, I discovered a new type of banh mi sandwich at a local takeout joint that made everything fresh – banh mi with pork meatballs. Rest assured, they’re not like Italian meatballs in marinara sauce even though those are tasty in a sub too!

Banh Mi Sub With a Side of Bubble Tea

The Vietnamese always have a special touch when it comes to making food since they have been influenced by cultures from around the world. For this particular sandwich, they use a baguette type of bun that is soft, crispy and chewy (we can thank the French influence for that). It was filled with julienne-cut pickled carrots, slices of cucumber, sprigs of cilantro and (to my surprise) chopped peanuts! The meatballs were a pinkish colour and were sweet, smoky, moist and tender with a slight bounce to it. All I can say is this banh mi sub was a lovely mélange of sweet, savoury, crunchy and chewy altogether and I loved it. Although I have ranted about avoiding sandwiches for as long as I’ve lived, I can definitely make an exception for banh mi subs. They’re too good.


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