Arepas de Choclo – A Cheesy Treat

I went to a cultural festival this past weekend and one of the tents I visited was the Latin America pavillion. There was Latin dancing, there was Latin music and of course Latin food! There were several stands selling various dishes, but the one that got my attention was the one with empanadas.

An Abundance of Empanadas 

If you recall, my last experience eating Columbian food had empanadas and I definitely liked them. The empanadas at this stand were also delicious, but even better than the ones I had previously. They were filled with beef and potatoes and were wrapped in a corn turnover pastry. The filling was so flavourful and it wasn’t oily like the other one.

A Delicious Empanada

However, something else also caught my eye – the arepas de choclo or sweet corn cakes. Since it had the word choclo, I assumed it had chocolate for some reason (clearly my Spanish is no bueno). Thankfully I double checked with the server and she told me it was a snack made with mozzarella cheese and corn.

Arepas de Choclo

When I bit into it, there was a nice touch of sweetness in the corn crust. The taste reminded me of cornbread and who doesn’t like cornbread? And the cheese? By George, I haven’t found anything with so much cheese in it in a long time! Cheese is always the best when it has long, stringy stands oozing from it. This arepas de choclo definitely had plenty!

Look at the Strings of Cheese on this Arepas!

In fact, there was so much cheese in it that it was difficult to cut at times because the string kept on stretching (not that I’m complaining). Apparently arepas can also be eaten solo without the cheese or be made with other fillings, but I think the cheese just pushes it to a whole new level of scrumptious. If you ever get the chance to find a place that sells arepas de choclo, I highly recommend them!


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