It Beets Me

It’s rare that my family eats beets, so I’m not well accustomed to them. However, I know that they can be used for many different things. The Russian and Polish use beets to make borscht (beet soup), pickled beets are commonly found at salad bars and many bakers and cooks use it to colour their food. Take for instance, although you will frequently find red food colouring in red velvet cakes, red beets can be used as an alternative to make that famous chocolaty red (which would be my preference – food colouring tastes so artificial).

Recently I tried beets in a quinoa salad. However, as strange as it is, it had yellow beets and I never knew those existed before. So doing a little digging, I discovered that beets are like many other fruits and vegetables and come in all different varieties.

Yellow beet and quinoa salad

Red beets are probably the most common, but there are yellow/golden beets and even white and red striped (chioggia) ones too. The chioggia type somewhat resemble the pattern of a candy cane. It has a pretty unique look to it.

Yellow beet and quinoa salad

The salad I tried was a yellow beet and quinoa salad. The dressing was a vinegary-lemon mix and it contained quinoa, edamame, red peppers, yellow beets and dried cranberries for a hint of sweetness. It wasn’t that oily, so it was pretty good. As for the yellow beets, they had a subtly sweet flavour to them. Much sweeter than a red beet, which I enjoyed. Not bad!




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