Today is…National Gingerbread Day

Why? I have absolutely no idea why it’s in the middle of the year. I have always associated gingerbread making with Christmas, so it’s a bit odd that it takes place in June. Regardless, gingerbread cookies are very different from your typical cookie. They have a very distinct flavour because of all the various spices that give it that aromatic, pungent flavour – nutmeg, cinnamon and ground ginger are just a few of the common spices in a typical recipe. However, the fun part isn’t just about making the dough and cutting out shapes. It’s about the decorating for me – squeezing out tubes of royal icing, getting messy and meticulously (or hastily) placing candies, chocolates and sprinkles on top!

Gingerbread House – 2013

Even more fun is how gingerbread houses aren’t just houses anymore. Many companies have become innovative and produce other fun things to build/decorate, like this gingerbread train that we assembled (we even added cotton candy for the smoke stack).

Gingerbread Train – 2014

I have even seen Disney themed castles, enormous gingerbread men/women and gingerbread animals too. This past Christmas, I didn’t get the pleasure of building a real gingerbread house but I did make one out of Lego. Kind of cute, no?

Here’s a party idea. Throw a party during the holidays and have a gingerbread building contest to see who makes the best one. You would be amazed at the different ideas people come up with, even if it’s the same mold as everyone elses’.



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