Mayan Hot Chocolate – No Syrup, Thanks!

A lot of places sell faux hot chocolate – you know, the type that is made mainly with artificial syrup and water or some strange powder full of fillers that claims to be cocoa? As a teenager, I remember loving that super sweet syrupy stuff. However, as I grew into adulthood…let’s just say my taste buds have changed. I would like to think my palate is more refined and experienced, so I expect more in my choice of food and drinks!

Since the weather has oddly gotten nippy again, hot chocolate was much needed (not to enforce the stereotype that there are igloos in Canada – it is above 0° here in Toronto, after all). I passed by a chocolatier and grabbed a Mayan Hot Chocolate.

Mayan Hot Chocolate

Unlike the fake hot chocolate, real hot chocolate should be rich and creamy. I always think it’s better to mix it with milk, not water, to get that rich and smooth texture. While I’m sure this all sounds very basic, Mayan hot chocolate is a bit different than your typical hot chocolate. It is made with raw cacao chocolate, picante peppers and spices. This particular one used dark chocolate and had hints of chili peppers, orange peel and spices. It was comforting and a nice, warm treat for the day. You can immediately tell the difference between a Mayan hot chocolate versus a cheap hot chocolate: q-u-a-l-i-t-y. It also has more complex flavours because of the added spices – cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla and ginger. Yum!



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