Root Beer – Uh….Beer

If you recall from my previous blog about Apple Flavoured Beer last week, the big trend this year in the world of beer is hard root beer. What does that mean?Alcoholic root beer! It is made with malt which is a grain that has been sprouted and dried.

Root Beer With Alcohol

Like the apple flavoured beer, it contains no preservatives but it was a bit strange tasting to me. While the root beer is strong enough to mask most of the taste of beer, I still got odd hits of beer at random intervals. The aftertaste is also very malty and this is what gave me that one-eyebrow-up puzzled feeling. Am I drinking beer or root beer?! Well, t’s an interesting taste to say the least. I’ve heard that there are variants of this type of concoction, so this one may just be average in comparison to the others. I’ll have to try, just to verify. 😉

***Tip: when serving a cold beverage, it helps to refrigerate or freeze the glass so that it helps maintain the cold temperature of the drink – hence the frost on my glass of malt root beer…uh beer.


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