Lettuce Spettuce (Recipe)

I hate lettuce. I really do. Iceberg lettuce. Romaine lettuce. Any type of lettuce. It’s tolerable when it’s covered in a vinaigrette or a dressing and lovely as a lettuce wrap, but otherwise it’s one of the worst vegetables in the world to eat on its own (not to mention there aren’t many nutrients in it!). However, my mother created a simple lettuce dish that I grew up to tolerate and eventually like. I guess it’s a good go-to recipe when you have a lot of lettuce and don’t want to eat salad for a week or make wraps with them. There isn’t a specific name for this recipe, but I’ll just call it lettuce spettuce for fun.

Lettuce Spettuce

All you need to do is tear off some lettuce leaves into moderately sized pieces, wash them and then lightly blanch them in boiling water with a bit of oil for about 30 seconds or so. Strain, then put it into a pan on low heat with some oil and a pinch of salt. Toss for a minute, remove from heat and then place the lettuce on a plate. Add a decent amount of oyster sauce on top. That’s it. It’s as simple as that and it is an easy accompaniment to a main meal. It also helps get rid of your lettuce problems, so lettuce celebrate – sorry, bad pun of the day. 🙂




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