Snowballs For Fathers Day

Soft and pokeable, these cute little snowball-looking treats are made of glutinous rice flour and are coated with shredded coconut. There are many names for these little guys, but they are called lau mai chi in Chinese.

Lau mai chi are sweet little snacks/desserts that have a chewy bite to them and can come in an assortment of fillings. Like many Asian desserts, it’s sweet but only subtly sweet and many of the common ones are filled with black sesame paste, red bean or a sugary peanut mixture.

However, these days you can find new and creative fillings like taro, green tea and mango. There is also another method where the glutinous rice is flavoured in addition to the filling. Often, these are made with different colours to represent the flavour (e.g. purple for taro).

To make these, all you need to do is make the dough, make the filling and then assemble. The texture of the dough tends to be sticky, so the hardest part would be closing the ball without all the filling falling out as it may stick to your fingers or even the counter! My dad loves lau mai chi, so I thought it was fitting to write about them today – Fathers Day. Happy Fathers Day to all the awesome dads out there!


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