Trending: Sushi Burritos

Fusion food – when two completely different cultural styles mash together to make one glorious dish! One of the big fusion trends this year started in New York and has made it’s way to Toronto – the Sushi Burrito.

Mmmm….Sushi Burrito

A sushi burrito is pretty much a big version of an uncut sushi roll, taking on the size of a burrito. It contains many of the usual fixings of a sushi roll, but it has extra greens like spinach or lettuce which is similar to a burrito.

An Array of Sushi Burrito Toppings

Although there was an endless assortment of toppings available, the restaurant also had several premade sushi burrito options on display for your choosing.

Premade Sushi Burrito Options on Display

Here were the names of the premade sushi burritos options from left to right:

  • Rising Sun (Salmon)
  • Flaming Spicy Dragon (Tuna)
  • Lobster Roll
  • Unagi Dance (Eel)
  • Spicy Samurai Duck
  • Veggie Green (Vegetarian)

KD and I tried the Rising Sun and Flaming Spicy Dragon. The star of the Rising Sun was salmon sashimi. In addition, it was complemented with two sticks of imitation crab meat, lettuce, avocado, carrots, cabbage, tobiko (flying fish roe), tempura flakes, scallions and spicy mayo. The Flaming Spicy Dragon was made mainly of tuna sashimi which was complemented with baby spinach, cucumber, tobiko, avocado and spicy mayo. The store used a machine that neatly compacted the rice into a flat rectangle onto the nori (seaweed). From there, the servers added whatever toppings according to your order and rolled them in a plastic bamboo-like mat, just like they do with sushi rolls.

Flaming Spicy Dragon Roll and Rising Sun 

My conclusion? Sushi burritos are tasty alternatives to a wrap or burrito. It’s definitely just as filling (if not more) than a burrito! And since they were neatly cut into halves, KD and I were able to share. Although I did have a preference for the Rising Sun, sushi burrito is definitely a must-try for those sushi lovers out there. In fact, sushi burritos have already started making their way into the world of food trucks as well. I passed by one recently in Toronto, but didn’t get a chance to try. I’ll know next time to stop by the truck when I’m looking for food. 🙂


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