Waffle Bowl Smores – Part II

Remember how I blogged about my Waffle Bowl Smores recipe over a campfire recently? I ended it by saying it could probably be done in a toaster-oven at home. Well, I tested this last night and here’s what happened.

Waffle Bowl Smores Toaster-Oven Style

Similar to the campfire recipe, I used a waffle bowl and filled it with some mini marshmallows and little treats like chocolate chips, skor bits, etc. Unlike the campfire version though, I omitted the part about covering it with foil.

Once I assembled my bowl, I placed it into a preheated toaster-over at 300° on “toast” mode (we originally had it on “bake” mode at first, but that actually started to burn the waffle cone). We left it in for about 10-15 minutes while checking on it periodically. You will notice everything starting to melt and unlike the smores on an open fire, these marshmallows actually turned into a nice golden-brown.

Yummy Golden-Brown Marshmallows with Chocolate and Other Fixings

Like the campfire smores, the waffle bowls were slightly fragile when we took them out with tongs. I’d suggest either letting it cool a bit before removing it to retain its shape or if it doesn’t bother you, take them out gently and end up with an oval-like bowl shape. The result is a delicious, melted marshmallow treat with various toppings.

Success! Waffle Bowl Smores in a Toaster-Oven!

It’s hot when you first take it out, but when you can finally bite into it the waffle bowl smores is deeeeeelicious! I’d say perhaps even better than the campfire version! Enjoy!


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