Zappi Pączek Split (Donut Split)

Back in February, I talked about Fat Thursday (Tłusty Czwartek) and Polish pączki, which is the Polish version of a jelly-filled donut. Fast forward to the present and I want to show you something I discovered at a food truck recently:


Zappi Pączek Split


This is a Zappi Pączek Split. It’s a Polish donut filled with cream and jelly and is topped with powdered sugar. Polish donuts are a bit different from the usual ones you find at your local bakery or café because they are made with (surprise!) alcohol, though there are now many recipes that omit this.

A Zappi Pączek Split Food Truck


From a distance, I got really excited because I thought this treat had ice cream in it (why hasn’t anyone put ice cream inside a donut yet?). However, it was actually filled with cream. I ended up picking the pączek with cream and plum filling. Unlike a typical jelly donut filled with strawberry or raspberry jelly, this plum filling wasn’t as sugary and was a bit heavier and thicker in consistency. If you like plum, you’ll definitely like this filling. It mixes well with the donut and cream.

A Plum Filled Jelly Pączek (Donut)

The donut itself was a bit dry (that’s apparently typical of a pączek) and the cream was heavily concentrated on the outer parts of the donut (despite the illusion of a superfluous amount of cream), but it was pretty tasty. And that’s coming from a person who doesn’t like cream!


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