Banana Rum Baileys Pancakes (Recipe)

Soft, fluffy pancakes are great for breakfast. Just prepare the batter, put it into a pan, cook and eat. It can really be as simple as pouring a box of pre-made pancake mix and adding water or just mixing some eggs, flour and water together. However, when creativity starts to kick in yo can add other things like berries or chocolate chips. Some add jam, syrup or butter after too.

Pancakes on the Griddle

But what if you wanted to change the batter? I remember one day I was in an experimental mood and did just that. Instead of following the directions shown on the box of pancake mix,  I substituted the water with some Baileys, some delicious banana rum cream that I bought in Jamaica and milk.


The result was a delicious pile of tasty pancakes with a hint of banana flavour and Baileys. I don’t know if banana rum cream can be found easily throughout the world, but if you can find it try out this recipe. It’ll definitely be a change to the usual pancake mix and it’ll definitely be gobbled up.

Banana Rum Bailey’s Pancakes – Yum!

Just don’t ask me how I got these pancakes so perfectly round. It was an odd phenomenon!


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