Panzerotti vs. Calzone

Worldwide, pizza is known to be quick, cheap and delicious. I know some people think it’s because of the Italians, but I think we can all secretly thank the Ninja Turtles too (sorry, the nerd in me is coming out). However, have you ever heard of a panzerotti or calzone? What’s the difference between the two?


They both look pretty similar in that they look like turnovers, but are also like pizzas flipped inside-out. The basic ones consist of common pizza toppings like marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese which is wrapped and cooked inside pizza dough, but you can add others like mushrooms, peppers, etc. However, a panzerotti is fried whereas a calzone is baked. I normally get a panzerotti (they’re also called “panzos” for short) but this time KD and I shared a calzone. It was loaded with cheese and came with a marinara dipping sauce, so it wasn’t as dry.


It was super cheesy and had pepperoni and peppers. And as you all know, I looooove cheese. Nothing but ooey gooey cheese in this calzone. The only thing I found was the crust was super hard – to the point it wasn’t an enjoyable crunch. This made it difficult to eat and hard to cut.


Between the two, I think I prefer panzerotti. It just tastes better and the crust isn’t difficult. It just cuts easily and the fried dough is softer. But you know how the saying goes, everything tastes better fried. đŸ™‚


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