Kibbeh – A Little Mediterranean Football

Kibbeh – also known kibbi, kibbe, kibeh, etc. – are delicious little snacks, appetizers or hor d’oeuvres that come shaped like puffy marquise diamonds. They’re like falafel balls, but are made of bulgur (a wheat that has been steamed, dried and crushed) instead of chickpeas and are stuffed with fillings like spinach, cheese, ground meat, nuts, etc. Other than being fried, they can also be baked, steamed or eaten raw (though most advise against eating it this way for safety reasons).

Tray of Kibbeh 

The exterior has a grainy texture to it, but the inside is soft and moist. From the ones I’ve eaten, I think spinach is the best. Other than the fact it’s an awesome vegetable on its own and in other dishes, the spinach in this particular kibbeh was salty with a bit of acidity from lemon juice. It also had some spices in it, so it was definitely not bland!



Kibbeh is well known in the Middle East as well as many other parts of the world. It is the Middle Eastern version of a two-bite sized croquette and can be bought individually or plated as a mezze. Rather than just serving miniature samosas or little puff-pastry snacks, perhaps I could recommend adding kibbeh to the platter? Happy eating! 🙂


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