Asian Desserts

Dessert – delicious, not normally nutritious but sometimes it’s just needed after a meal or a hard days’ work. I tried a new Taiwanese inspired dessert restaurant and the menu was just pages worth of options. Taiwan is known for food, so it’s not surprising that the menu was so vast. It was difficult to choose, but we managed to narrow it down to a few things.

First, we ordered the original egg waffle cake. It’s similar to a funnel cake in that it has strawberries, vanilla ice cream and powdered sugar, but it also had whipped cream, maple syrup, toasted marshmallows and an egg waffle instead of your typical waffle.

Original Egg Waffle Cake

I love egg waffles, let alone when they are made into a dessert! The bubble waffle look is achieved by using an egg puff waffle maker. It’s similar to a regular waffle maker, but has a different mold. Without all the fixings, this is what it looks like on its own.

Plain Egg Waffles

I’m going a bit off topic, but passing by street vendors…the smell of an egg waffle is deliciously intoxicating and sweet.

Next, we ordered a taro with sago dessert. I recently blogged about this and called it sai mai lo. It’s a definite must-try for anyone that has never had it before. I love the coconut milk based liquid, translucent pearls and taro. It can be eaten hot or cold, but this time we got it cold seeing as it was a hot and humid day. While the version I spoke about used tapioca pearls, this one uses sago which comes from a sago palm tree. It’s just a dessert made of the perfect combination of sweetness and texture thanks to the sago and taro cubes. It’s coconuttylicious!

Taro with Sago

And to finish, because KD has an obsession with fruity drinks and sugary drinks, we ordered a Pink Lady! This drink was a mix of mango and watermelon juice.

The Pink Lady

It’s a weird fruit concoction, but I might be biased because I personally dislike watermelon. The mango tended to make up for it by masking most of the watermelon flavour, but it’s definitely something I wouldn’t order on my own. However, it was a good way to end the day. 🙂

While these aren’t exactly Taiwanese desserts (I’ll blog about that another day), they are good options for someone just dipping their toes into the Asian world of desserts. There are so many types and so many flavours to explore that there will always be something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.


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